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Sat on the Rocks

Call Prep Form

Complete and submit a Prep Form before each session

How to Get the Most from your Coaching Experience:

  • ENJOY IT. This is one of the few times that it is all about you. You have my full attention and will be ready hear not only what is in your head, but also your heart.

  • BE READY. Fill out the prep form so you have your thoughts organized and you feel centered. If you would like, please send it to me 24 hours prior to the session to save us time with the focus of the call. On those days when you don’t feel ready, relax and let the Holy Spirit lead.

  • BE REALISTIC. Some coaching sessions will have those “a-ha” moments that help you turn corners, some provoke new ideas and creative action, and some will simply be times where the above does not apply, but are just part of the overall process.

  • KNOW THE POTENTIAL. Each call lasts approximately 50 minutes, but you may reflect on it all week. REMEMBER, most of your work will occur outside of our call.

Prep Form & Agreement: Welcome
Prep Form & Agreement: About
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