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  • Heather Larson

Flashlight of Floodlight

I used to think I wanted the floodlight view of my life — the view where I get to see the big picture including where my family will live, who my kids will marry, and where we will retire. At times, I believed I actually had the floodlight view! Boy, was I mistaken!

The reality is I only get the flashlight view of my life. As I walk on the path before me, the flashlight provides only enough light to see the next step. Sometimes even that next step seems risky, but at least it’s just one step. I don’t get to see into the future and all that will happen after that step because if I could, maybe I wouldn’t have the courage to take the next step at all! Maybe that floodlight view would keep me frozen, overwhelmed with all that comes down the path.

There are days when I still struggle with this flashlight view and wish to see more. Other days, I’m glad I couldn’t see down the path too far. It is good to know that it’s just one step at a time. Living in worry of the future or “what ifs” from the past is an easy way to miss the moment and the promises of today.

Today, I accept the reality of the flashlight view. I take the next step that produces perseverance — perseverance that produces character and character that produces hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured his love into our hearts. (Romans 5:3-4)

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